BArtisan.Thrusters.Helpers.Faults Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

All the components that deal with adding and removing thruster faults, are gathered under this umbrella.

Faults are temporary states that affects the thruster functionality. If a thruster has at least 1 fault, it will not work.

Faults can be used as debuffs, traps or kill state (ex for AI cars).

Because it is a common aproach among game mechanics, it has the builtin ability to auto remove the fault after a specific duration, if needed.


class  BThrusterHelperFault
 Base class to add a fault to a series of thrusters. Extend it or copy to add your own logic and functionalities. A thruster with a fault will stop working. More...
class  BThrusterHelperFaultCollision
 Add and remove a fault to thrusters that colides into or triggers this GO. More...