BArtisan.Thrusters Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

BPropulsionSystem main namespace, contains all thrusters and helpers.


namespace  Applied
 The namespace contains all the thrusters that apply force to other objects, that came in contact or collide with the thrusters.
namespace  Helpers
 Helpers are optional components that are used to affect, interact, display the thruster effects or connect them to other components (made by other devs or Unity).
namespace  Paths
 Path thrusters are a special kind of "engines", they only allow a game object to move across a path. The direction of Actor (affected GO) is decided by the next Node in the current path.
namespace  Regular
 The "Regular" thrusters affect only 1 game object, using Transform or the Physics engine. The direction of the affected GO is usually dynamic and decided by the thruster rotation. Regular thrusters can be used to steer, push/pull objects in a dynamic/free environment.


class  BBaseMonobehaviour
 Base class for all (MonoBehaviour) components. More...
class  BThrusterBase
 The base thruster that contains all common functionalities. All helpers and controllers work only with this class, this way are compatible with all thruster types. More...