BArtisan.Thrusters.Helpers.BThrusterHelperUISlider Class Reference
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Detailed Description

It links one thruster to one Unity UI Slider. It works in both ways:

  • when the UI is manually updated by the player, the thrusters throttle updates
  • when the throttle is updated the UI is refresh

Member Data Documentation

◆ connectedThruster

BThrusterBase BArtisan.Thrusters.Helpers.BThrusterHelperUISlider.connectedThruster

The thruster that will control the lights. Leave blank to auto detect in the GO or children.

◆ connectedSlider

Slider BArtisan.Thrusters.Helpers.BThrusterHelperUISlider.connectedSlider

The UI slider directly controlled by the thruster. Leave blank to auto detect in the GO and children.

◆ autoStart

bool BArtisan.Thrusters.Helpers.BThrusterHelperUISlider.autoStart = false

When this GO is activated, it will try to turn ON the engine.

◆ applySliderValueOnStart

bool BArtisan.Thrusters.Helpers.BThrusterHelperUISlider.applySliderValueOnStart = false

When this GO is activated, it will update the throttle value with the Slider's default value.

◆ debugLog

bool BArtisan.Thrusters.BBaseMonobehaviour.debugLog = false

Enable to debug this component. Warning: it may result in CPU intensive debug messages (each frame).