BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Path thrusters are a special kind of "engines", they only allow a game object to move across a path. The direction of Actor (affected GO) is decided by the next Node in the current path.

It was built for simple scenarios, in cases when you do not want the Actor to be influenced by any factor (like collisions, physics) and the path can be predefined or dynamically created.

The functionality is similar with the DoTween paths components but simpler. The paths can be dynamic (created on the fly or the Nodes can move).

A path can be seen as a Singly Linked List, that can be circular or not.

The most common implementations are:

  • traps or patroling enemies
  • physics puzzle games with predefined paths


class  BThrusterPathActor
 The components represents the GO that will move trough a path of Nodes. More...
class  BThrusterPathNode
 A single point that can be targeted by an Actor, and which reference a nextNode. More...
class  Transition
 Encapsulate data required by an Actor which travels trough a segment of a path. Each time a segment is started (to transverse) a new instance is generated. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ValueAdditionType

A set of rule that dictates how does a raw value (eg: a number) should a affect another property (like position).

Considering the value O (is the original property) and the new factor value is X:


Do not modify the original value. O remaines unmodified and X ignored.


The property is overwritten with this GO value (eg: rotation, position) O is updated and X is ignored.


The property is modified with X. The value X is added to the value of O (sum).


The property is overwritten. Os new value is X.