BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathNode Class Reference
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Detailed Description

A single point that can be targeted by an Actor, and which reference a nextNode.

The Actors will move to this GO position and then to the nextPoint. You can also specify if you want Actors to rotate or scale, on the way here.

The movement along the path is Not based on time (like dotween,iTween), it is based on the ThrusterActor position, throttle and speed (more natural). This is because the Thruster decide how fast it goes or not (it can have faults).

The current GO can be moved, the Actor will follow it around and keep tring to reach the same position. If the Actor cannot catch up it will just follow the Node around, indefinately.

The main property is the position of the Node, the Actor will try to reach its position, and when it does it, to have the rotate/scale values the Node indicates.

If a path can be seen as a Singly Linked List, the BThrusterPathNode are the nodes.

Member Data Documentation

◆ thrusterThrottleMultiplier

float BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathNode.thrusterThrottleMultiplier = 1f

◆ nextNode

BThrusterPathNode BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathNode.nextNode

◆ scaleType

ValueAdditionType BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathNode.scaleType = ValueAdditionType.DoNothing

◆ scaleValue

Vector3 BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathNode.scaleValue =

◆ rotateType

ValueAdditionType BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathNode.rotateType

◆ rotateValue

Quaternion BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathNode.rotateValue

◆ debugLog

bool BArtisan.Thrusters.BBaseMonobehaviour.debugLog = false

Enable to debug this component. Warning: it may result in CPU intensive debug messages (each frame).

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsTheLastPointInPath()

virtual bool BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathNode.IsTheLastPointInPath ( )

Check if this node is the last one, meaning the nextNode is null.

false if this node does not reference a next one

Referenced by BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathActor.GetNextNodesInPath().

◆ GetActorRequiredLocalRotation()

virtual Quaternion BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathNode.GetActorRequiredLocalRotation ( Quaternion  myCurrentRotation)

Returns what local rotation an Actor should have, when it reaches this nodes position.

myCurrentRotationthe actors current local rotation

Referenced by BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.Transition.Transition().

◆ GetActorRequiredLocalScale()

virtual Vector3 BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathNode.GetActorRequiredLocalScale ( Vector3  myCurrentScale)

Returns what local scale an Actor should have, when it reaches this node position.

myCurrentScalethe actors current local scale

Referenced by BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.Transition.Transition().

◆ GetActorRequiredGlobalPosition()

virtual Vector3 BArtisan.Thrusters.Paths.BThrusterPathNode.GetActorRequiredGlobalPosition ( )

Returns what global position an Actor should have to follow this path.