BArtisan.Thrusters.Helpers.Controllers Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

The main purpose of Helpers.Controllers components is to handle 1 or more thrusters throttle value. Controllers come in many flavours, some are controlled by the developers other by the players.

It is recommended to limit 1 thruster to 1 controller, but viceversa is optional, meaning 1 controller can manage multiple thrusters at the same time.

One other common feature of controllers is to ignite the thrusters (set ignition on).

If you destroy a thruster at run time, do not forget to remove its reference from the controller components too, so you do not cause memory leaks, errors and bugs.


class  BThrusterAxisController
 Control more thrusters throttle based on an Axis Input. Each axis can control multiple thrusters, split to 2 groups. For a virtual axis you must extend this class and override GetAxisValue(). More...
class  BThrusterContinuousController
 This is an automatic controller of the thrusters. It will set all the thrusters to maximum throttle for "maxThrottleForSeconds" seconds, and then set to the minimum throttle for "minThrottleForSeconds" seconds. There is no transition/animation between SetMinimumThrottle and SetMaximumThrottle. More...
class  BThrusterHoverCollider
 Automatically controls the throttle of thrusters based on Raycast collider collisions. If a hit is detected it will Accelerate() the thrusters, otherwise decelerate them. Can be used to Hover, Auto move objects far away, move objects at collision/shot, etc. More...
class  BThrusterKeyController
 Controls a Thruster (or more) using key events (keyboard, controllers). It uses the legacy Input system (Input.GetKey and Input.GetKeyDown events). All thrusters have public methods so you can make your custom controls, or even animation triggered events. More...
class  BThrusterPropertyRelay
 The component purpose is to expose thrusters properties as public properties. More...